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  • Who we are

    Tabarrini brothers philosophy

    The artisan factory founded in 1972 by Tabarrini brothers in the industrial area in south Verona (Italy) has faced a continuous improvement over the last 40 years, always based on values such as research, experimentation and reliability of its home made products. These peculiarities have enabled our company to became a leading enterprenurial entity in the national market sector of high technology products for road transportation, with an operative structure of 8,000 square meters indoor facilities, 25 direct employees and a wider staff of qualified external contributors

  • Our mission

    Demanding, Picky, Hard to please. This is how we want our customers to look like, here at Tabarrini. Why? Because we like challenges, because we love to carry on our work taking care of each and any miimal detail, because according to our philosophy every single preparation must be tailored in order to fully meet customers requirements, following the highest quality standards in terms of both design and components. For this reason the only commonality at Tabarrini is Quality.

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